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macOS: NSSharingService (Email, Messages, AirDrop) 0.5.1

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An example Xojo project to show how to use NSSharingService in Xojo-built Applications (macOS, 64Bit only).
The following services are implemented in the example project:

How to use with your Xojo-built .app?
1. copy the Module 'modNSSharingService' to your project.
2. you can then use the provided convenience methods: .ComposeEmail, .ComposeMessage, .SendViaAirDrop

These methods return true if the sharing service can be invoked, false if the service is not available.
The Sharing Service will run asynchrously (e.g. when not called to show modally within a window). That's why you can pass a ResultCallbackDelegate, which will be invoked and reported back with the result later (e.g.: successfully shared, cancelled by user, ...).

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